Women and the Recession

The TUC has a new document out on the topic – it’s available free here. Some headlines from it:

  • There are more women in paid work than in previous recessions but 29% of them are in low paid jobs (compared to 16.1% of men)
  • The female redundancy rate has increased by 2.3% since the start of the year compared to 1.2% for the male redundancy rate.
  • The signs are that the recession may well hit the service sector strongly and this is where women’s jobs predominate.
  • Impacts short of redundancy are likely to include reducing part-timers hours which is also where 40% of working women are located.
  • Women may have different experiences of unemployment to men. As women

    are more likely than men to be in low-paid work, they are less likely than men

    to have savings and therefore face a greater risk of immediate poverty as they

    become unemployed. Unemployed women are also less likely than men to

    qualify for Jobseekers Allowance – which may exacerbate their financial


For more read the full report!