Women from the Global South speak out about Climate Change

Hear from activists on how climate change affects women. More info here:

Floods, Drought, Pollution and Survival:

Women from the Global South speak out about Climate Change

Hear first hand from women in countries such as Bolivia, Guyana, India, Uganda who are at the sharp end of climate change.

Estimates suggest that 85% of people who die from climate-related disasters are women. It is also mostly women who carry water for miles, who walk through floodwater to fetch food, and who fight for their community’s right for survival. Their experience, and their wealth of organizing skills and achievements are rarely heard in London.

Thursday 5 February 2009, 7-9pm.

Ethiopian Community Hall, 2a Lithos Rd, London, NW3 6EF

Five minutes walk from Finchley Rd Tube or one minute walk from

Finchley Rd & Frognal train station. Many bus services.

Come and discuss what we can do in and around London to build our resilience and resistance worldwide in the face of climate change

Meet grassroots women from

  • Bolivia: where giant US corporation Bechtel tried to monopolise the increasingly scarce water. The people threw them out!
  • China: where hundreds of thousands are fighting to protect their land, air and water supplies from the devastating effects of rapid industrialization
  • Guyana: where women forced down the prices of basic foodstuffs and successfully demanded food, sewage clean-up, and compensation after horrific flooding
  • India: where women fought for resources to keep their families alive after floods, won compensation for widows and exposed discrimination against Dalit and Tribal people.
  • Uganda: where they built a Women’s Centre with their bare hands in a desertified area, started and maintained an orchard, won a water purifying system, and some free health care
  • USA: where women of the American South organized community responses to Hurricane Katrina and the murderous racism that followed

Free entry, all welcome. Wheelchair accessible hall and toilet.

All donations go to support the speakers expenses.

Fantastic Ethiopian food available in the restaurant upstairs both before and after the talks.

Seats limited – to book your place contact [email protected]

or call 07932 039031

The second in a series of events organized by the London Neighbourhood

of the Climate Camp movement.

The Camp for Climate Action has organized camps and actions with

thousands of people at Drax and Kingsnorth coal-fired power stations,

and Heathrow, and is now planning for 2009.