A weekend round-up

Entertainment Weekly named its top 25 film directors, and guess what, all of them are men.

The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has been ordered to find a gay man who was seeking asylum and was illegally deported, and return him to the UK. Shakesville has more.

Al-Fatiha is surveying LGBTIQQ Muslims – more details and a link to the survey at Bird of Paradox.

Radical geography journal Antipode is celebrating its 40th birthday by making available 40 key articles for free online. Read them all here, including some interesting pieces of feminist geography. I’m looking forward to having time to read this examination of how media responses to Greenham Common “put women in their place”. (Via We Make Money Not Art).

More on the recent racist outbursts from prince Harry and Carol Thatcher at Racialicious, which carries a guest post from Lola Adesioye – comments are also well worth checking out…

The Angry Black Woman posts about Italy’s dodgy “emergency rape law”.

Grassroots self-defence organisation Home Alive is looking to raise some money so it doesn’t go under with debt – more info at Just Like Jesse James.

The poor interpretation of the recent research on objectification of women causing men to view women as objects carries on apace – Jessica at Feministing considers the latest example, in which National Geographic puts the blame on bikinis.

Shameless reviews a new magazine critically examining masculinity, called masc.

The Las Vegas Review Journal published a mindblowingly awful piece, with photos of the city’s “50 most prolific prostitutes”. Guess who wasn’t named and shamed in a dangerous and exploitative stunt?

Lesbilicious considers the latest government effort to get the fire service to tackle homophobia within its ranks.

elle, phd breaks down the gendered messages about Valentine’s Day in kids’ TV programming.

Digital Femme Online briefly profiles black women in the comics industry.

A US company has released a product which allows people to see callers’ phone numbers if they’ve put a block on it, with dangerous implications for victims of domestic violence – see Wired for more.

The vast majority of couples taking out French “civil solidarity pacts” are straight – see Lesbilicious for more.

Research in Israel suggests women tend to leave their jobs rather than report sexual harassment, says Jezebel.

Lisa at Sociological Images analyses the gender subtext in the whole cat person versus dog person thing.

Triodos Bank is running awards for women in ethical business – the deadline for this year has passed, but should be interesting to see the results.

Buy lovely scarves, raise money for survivors.