LGBT History Month 2009

We’re a week into the fifth annual LGBT History Month, which celebrates the lives and achievements of the LGBT community.

This year’s theme is Education and Youth.

Many events are planned to take place during the month at various places throughout the UK – Click here to see the full calendar on the LGBTHM website:

If you want to find musicians, poets, performers, speakers, etc. for your event, check out the forum. If you are a poet, musician, performer or a speaker and want to be considered for events in February or indeed through out the year tell everyone about your talents availability/fees and contact details on the forum. We endorse no one; we simply make it easier to find and advertise talent.

For Schools, we have a new Toolkit (Word document) as well as suggestions for lessons and assemblies.

For organisations and individuals, we have our new Toolkit (pdf file) to help you get started with celebrating the month and a list of LGBT anniversaries for 2009 (Word doc.).

For health specialists, we have a special microsite, developed with the NHS, that contains LGBT health specific information.