A Wednesday round-up!

Germaine Greer continues to disappoint! Apparently she said that women are not as funny as men on national TV – Kate takes her remarks apart, and talks about their impact on female comedians.

Sociological Images deconstructs the phrase “sex sells”.

Illinois is working on legislation to ban forcible sterilisation of people with disabilities.

BFP posts a video by artist Rose Bean Simpson, which confronts issues of objectification and the impact of media:

Kirsty at Other Stories writes about sexism, imperialism and their intersections, in King Solomon’s Mines:

Sheba’s Breasts and their snowy nipples are incredibly treacherous, and indeed the men and their servants nearly die of exposure while climbing them. They eventually find a cave in one of the nipples, in which they shelter for the night, but here they find both the dead body of a previous adventurer, and here one of their servants dies. I may, of course, be reading too much into this, but they are inside the nipples of a mountain called Sheba’s Breasts. Breasts and nipples would normally connote live-giving and nourishment, but instead two men have died in them. Meanwhile in King Solomon’s Mines they are entombed in the centre of the underground complex – in the womb, one might suggest – and it looks like they might die in there too. (They get out, unsurprisingly, because they are MEN!) So, ultimately, when the landscape isn’t being beautiful and passive, it’s trying to kill them. Much like Foulata and Gagool, the other women in the novel. Not to mention that legs were often regarded as phallic symbols, and here they are, walking all over the feminine landscape. I don’t think I need delve into that much further, do I?

Womanist Musings posts about confronting transphobia and gender expectations as a parent:

As a parent deeply committed to equality on all fronts one of the greatest challenges I face is undoing the work that the education system and his peers teach him on a daily basis. For Destruction, though we have continually spoken about the fluidity of gender, he clearly still views it as a binary. At times we have been encouraged when he will state that there is no activity that is specifically for girls or boys and yet with just a little encouragement from his peers he returns to the understanding that if one does something that slightly deviates from gender norms suddenly you are a “girl/boy”.

Terese was harassed by other players and had her account suspended on XBox Live, because she identified herself as a lesbian in her profile. (Via Feministing).

AdsoftheWorld posts some irritating examples of adverts for Paul Frank sunglasses.

Vanity Fair sends itself up – but is the joke just as problematic as the original cover, in its own way?

On agism, social media, and telling stories – Christian Payne interviews his grandmother about using Twitter and being a spy in the French Resistance.

How to write about Muslim women – tips from Muslimah Media Watch

Renee interviews Melissa from the fabulous blog Shakesville.