New feature: Grassroots feminism 2.0?

Want to make connections with grassroots feminist activists across borders and languages? Melanie Maddison talks to Red Chidgey about an online project that aims to help us do just that

Who are you and why are you interested in European grassroots feminism?

Red Chidgey: Hi, my name’s Red. I’ve been a conscious feminist for half my life and it’s an instinct to me now. A lot of actions I do revolve around feminist media and creating feminist spaces – in particular through zines, festivals, workshops and learning spaces. I am particularly fond of finding out about European feminist histories and connections (and, indeed, transnational feminism) because a lot of material and feminist memory is imported from the States, and it creates this situation where local and other histories are totally erased or sidelined. I feel like I am well fed on feminism in North America, and I want to know more about homegrown stuff.

When and why did this project first come into being?

RC: The website project – which is an archive and resource for the transnational feminist movement – is the brainchild of the Austrian feminist Elke Zobl. She’s also the founder of which is this amazing webportal for all things internationally zine.

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