A round-up

Italy’s Senate has passed legislation which toughens the sentencing for rape, and makes stalking a criminal offense.

Unfortunately, it’s far from all good. The legislation was only passed by including a number of noxious anti-immigrant stipulations, including vigilante groups and making it a crime just to immigrate to Italy ‘illegally’.

The law gained the backing of senators from the anti-immigrant Northern League party after the government pledged to include several controversial security measures in a separate security bill currently being debated in the lower house of parliament.

These measures include local security patrols in Italian towns and cities by ‘concerned citizens’ and the detention of illegal immigrants in identification centres for up to six months.

Another controversial measure seeks to make illegal immigration a crime, and to oblige doctors and other national health service staff to report to police illegal immigrants who seek medical treatment.

An anonymous couple posted on Shakesville about how the distinction between civil partnership and marriage has forced them to divorce.

Meanwhile, an Anglican conference took place in London with a “special focus” on ‘curing’ same-sex attraction – Lesbilicious reports on the conference and 100-strong protest.

Carol Ann Duffy is to become the first female and first openly gay poet laureate.

Yeast infections, they’re incredibly common but women talk about them less than menstruation, points out Renee at Womanist Musings.

The Women’s Bioethics Blog has posted a book group kit for The Handmaid’s Tale.