New feature: A woman… and a geek?

Geeky women have a lot to put up with, from sexist portrays of women in their favourite media to friends, family and coworkers doubting their competence, says Wisrutta Atthakor. But why should female geeks give up on what they’re interested in?

I am a woman and I am a geek. I like playing computer games and I built my own computer. OK, so I didn’t make my own motherboard or get out the soldering iron, but I bought the components and stuck them together myself. I even have a pocket-sized set of screwdrivers to hand in case I need to tinker inside my computer.

Yet, every time I walk into a computer shop I am almost always automatically treated as if I know bog all about anything with an electric plug attached to it, save maybe how to operate a kettle and a washing machine. Every time I go to a computer or electronics shop with my husband, their services are invariably directed at him. My in-laws ask him to set up their home network, even though I set up ours.

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