Issue 7 of Subtext on the shelves

The latest issue of Subtext magazine is out now – you can buy a copy or subscribe on their website.

According to the press release:

Subtext Magazine has returned after a year long hiatus with issue seven of the premier feminist magazine in the UK. This issue features feminism and marriage, feminist fantasies and pornography, the transfeminist manifesto, dealing with domestic violence, gender and HIV/AIDs and political parity. Issue 7 is also the first issue to put together ten of the best wonders in the world, women based and otherwise.

Launched in 2006, Subtext Magazine has been working hard to stimulate and reflect the feminist conversations occurring in the UK and across the world. Launched by Gill Court and Charlotte Cooper, two women who had no previous magazine experience when they started production, Subtext embodies the grass roots feminist movement today and the readiness of women and men of all ages to engage in improving women’s lot.