Utera Maxima

uteramaxima.jpgIt’s a while since I did an Etsy feminist post, but I couldn’t resist after coming across VulvaLovelyLove’s Etsy shop (note: some images in the shop are not safe for work). The name gets the job done, as the shop is full of things like this home-made Utera Maxima (which has a “wing span” of 69 inches):

Worried that your uterus is too small? Wow them the next time you go to the gynecologist, be the envy of all of your peers. Why is this Spanish woman so happy? Just look at the size of her uterus! Order now and see instant results! All that and a money back guarantee!

I also like her vagina pillows – with a secret comparment for vibrators – because where better to ‘hide’ your sextoys than a vagina pillow! She’ll also make vulva portrait penants based on a photo or description.

(You can also follow VulvaLoveLovely on Twitter, which is how I found her Etsy page).