New feature: Calendar girls

Molly Lavender considers a slew of calendars which reduce women to body parts

Ah, January. Time for New Year’s resolutions, turning over a new leaf and so on. Time also, perhaps, for hanging up calendars. Actors, sporting heroes, comedians: it seems that every public figure worth their salt has a calendar on the market. Inevitably, amongst the calendars of pop stars and film stars there are also myriad calendars of glamour models.

Glamour calendars have been around for years and, unfortunately, are no longer anything shocking. However, this year I noticed a worrying trend: the emergence of body-part calendars. Now, I’m not talking about body parts in the Gunter von Hagens sense, although, who knows? Maybe he does have his own calendar, depicting preserved bodies in hilarious, month-by-month themed poses. No, what I’m talking about are calendars of female body parts that are disconnected from their owners.

For the first year, it seems (although please do correct me if I’m wrong), we are being confronted with a plethora of calendars dedicated to breasts, legs and bottoms. There are five in particular which have caught my eye, although there may be more in existence. These are: The Big Breast Calendar, Bum Titty Bum Bum, Hot XXX Bums, Legs and Butt Serious. The first three are British creations. Legs I’m not too sure about, but judging from the style of photography it is probably made in the US. Butt Serious definitely originates in the US, as can be ascertained from the use of the word “butt” instead of “bum”. The point is that this is not a trend limited to either the UK or the US.

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