Feminist Carnival #2 is up

The second Feminist Carnival – “a reinvention of the original Carnival of Feminists” – is up at the Female Impersonator group blog, thanks to Lindsay and Amelia’s hard work.

In the tradition of the original (now dormant) Carnival of Feminists there’s a wide range of subjects covered in the posts linked and it’s well worth spending some time discovering new blogs, in addition to a good sprinkling of contributions from old friends.

The organisers have a call for submissions out for the next Feminist Carnival which is due on 2 September and you can find full details on how to submit posts here.

Submit posts here at Blog Carnival – we use the term “feminist” loosely and in an inclusive sense as possible. If you feel a post touches on anything remotely close to issues discussed in a progressive, womanist, feminist, pro-GLBTQ, fat acceptance, disability sphere, pro-sex – feel free to submit it.

Click here to visit the second Feminist Carnival.