Film about women surfers

Via AfterEllen, this film about female surfers looks interesting.

Dear & Yonder, with the tagline “Daring Stories of Women United by the Sea”, follows surfing stars including Coco Ho, Sally Fitzgibbons, Stephanie Gilmore and Silvana Lima and tracks the culture of women’s surfing. It also includes stock footage of the history of women surfers, and talks about sustainablity and environmental issues and surfing. It shows Ashley Lloyd design, build and then surf a board made from a more sustainable, soy-based material, and shows footage of Captain Liz Clarke as she sails the world in search of the best waves.

It’s made by Villa Villa Cola – who, according to their site, started out as a skateboard company targetting women in the ’90s, but branched out into filmmaking and zinemaking with the aim of getting more girls into skating. They previously made Getting Nowhere Faster.

At the moment, Dear & Yonder only seems to be ‘touring’ US cities, but hopefully it’ll be watchable in the UK at some point…