Lubna Hussein found guilty of indecency.

Lubna Hussein has been found guilty of indecency for wearing trousers in public. She was spared a flogging – an achievement in itself – but ordered to pay a fine of 500 Sudanese pounds. Supporters outside court – mostly women, some in trousers – were beaten by riot police and insulted by male counter-protesters. Dozens were bundled off in police vans. Lubna has refused to pay the fine, and is now in jail. Her facebook status reads:

Lubna now in the Jail because she refused to pay the fine sentenced by the judge because this is not about her it is about all Sudanese Women whom oppressed by this law. She wont give up, she will appeal this to the constitution court till this law become history, from her jail she sent her appreciations to your true feelings, stand and support. We will keep you updated with her news, thank you (page Admins)

If you haven’t already done so, please show your solidarity with Lubna and all Sudanese women by signing this petition, which calls for an end to the misogynist indecency laws.