No Borders London call for action in solidarity with migrants in Calais.

If, like me, you were appalled by the French authorities’ treatment of asylum seekers in Calais and by the UK government’s refusal to take responsibility for our actions in Afghanistan by offering them asylum, you might like to join this protest in London, organised by No Borders:

Join us in a demonstration at 5.30pm, on Tuesday 29th September 09, outside the French Embassy, 58 Kinghtsbridge, London SW1X 7JT.

On the morning of Tuesday 22nd September, French police bulldozed the area known as the ‘jungle’ in Calais where migrants were living, destroying their homes and possessions and detaining around 300 people, including 132 children. Other migrants left before they could be detained, and have been driven to sleep rough on the streets of Calais, Paris and elsewhere.

UK Home Secretary expressed his ‘delight’ at this devestating move by the French authorities, as it aims to stop migrants reaching the UK. Immigration Minister Phil Woolas falsely claimed that ‘genuine’ refugees would claim asylum at the first country they came to, regardless of whether they had familiy in other countries – and ignoring the fact that many migrants had not had the chance to claim asylum. European countries which migrants commonly travel through to reach France and the UK do not adhere to the UNHCR guidelines on hosting refugees. In Greece, fewer than 1% of asylum claims were accepted last year, while in Italy thousands were intercepted and turned away without even having their claims looked at.

We believe people should have freedom to move and live where they choose. We believe that adults and children should not be detained against their will, having committed no crime. In solidarity with migrants in Calais and everywhere, we demand that the French authorities release the 300 people that are being detained!