Sex work and sexuality group blog launch

The sex work and sexuality group blog which I mentioned last week has now been launched as planned. It’s called Harlot’s Parlour and can be reached via this link.

From Caroline’s introductory post on the site (link here):

In the very beginning, Harlot’s Parlour was going to be a UK blog. […] But then, I know a lot of Americans. […] So, I decided to include them to have a wider range of experience on the blog, which in turn would appeal to a wider audience.


But then, why stop at the UK and the US?

So then Harlot’s Parlour was truly born: a blog which will discuss sex, sexuality and sex work issues across the UK, Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand; in as many countries as we can in fact. We’ll talk about everything – theory, the media, personal experience, the law and whatever else we come up with on the way.


We can’t claim to represent everyone’s experience and nor do we claim to represent all sex workers, but nevertheless I hope people can learn from this blog and develop their thoughts and opinions. I hope that this blog will spark a great deal of discussion.