Showing of “This Week: Lesbians”, National Portrait Gallery

In London* and looking for something last minute to do tonight?

As you may know, The National Gallery is currently showing an exhibition called Gay Icons.

Tonight, if you’re looking for something fabulous to do why not go to

Iconography Late at the National Portrait Gallery? There’s a lot disrupting

the the gallery tonight to celebrate the Gay Icons exhibition and Selina and

I have decided to screen THIS WEEK: LESBIANS at 7:40 in the cinema.

THIS WEEK: LESBIANS – January 1965

ITV’s seminal current affairs series This Week led by Bryan MacGee discusses

lesbianism as a companion piece to their programme on male homosexuality.

It’s hard to imagine today what sort of impact this programme must have had

at the time, when (unlike homosexuality) lesbianism was invisible, not even

thought relevant enough to be considered a crime.

Nevertheless, for all its archaic language, bizarre questioning and

pathologising – it is possible to get a sense of the huge courage it must

have taken the women to be seen on camera. It was a first for British

broadcast television. These lesbians are our icons – ordinary women who

dared – we salute them!

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