New feature: Feminism in London 2009

Charlotte Cooper reports back from the capital’s second Feminism in London conference

The Feminism in London conference, now in its second year, was an opportunity to bring together intergenerational, interfaith, black, white and minority ethnic women and men from various backgrounds, mainly based in London, but at times hailing from across the country and the EU.

Though the highly anticipated event wavered a little a week before it occurred due to some problems with clarity on whether trans women would be welcome at a women-only labelled workshop, it brought a buzzing crowd of hundreds of women and men together from 9.30am until 5.00pm.

The event circled around three panels with no limit on attendance, on: racism and sexism, what’s wrong with prostitution, and motherhood and poverty, and nine smaller workshops, covering pro-feminist men, media training, rape and sexual violence, self-defence and activism training, among other things. My focus of the conference was on the main hall and the Q&A panels so I can’t testify as to the points of interest in the workshops, or the outcomes.

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