September feature/review comments up now!

Our round up of comments on features and reviews from September is up now!

This month, Melanie’s review arguing Stieg Larrson’s bestsellers are in fact misogynist and exploitative, not, as advertised, feminist, draws some interesting comments.

Likewise Caitlin’s Twilight-inspired feminist analysis of vampire novels also got some good comments, including one about the way the popularity of the books and film with girls have helped erode the boys’ club atmosphere of conventions, and some suggested vampiric reading.

From the archives, Michelle’s piece on the normalisation of extreme cosmetic surgery drew comment from a reader in the Netherlands about a radio competition with breast enlargement as the prize.

Yes, it’s only 1 October; the speedy pace of getting comments up this month is once again all down to Helen G, so big thanks to her.

Photo by s i b e r, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license