Welcome to Jolene and Joanna, guest bloggers for February

February is here, and that means we sadly need to say goodbye to our fantastic guest bloggers for January, Syma and Grace. But it also means a massive welcome to our two new guest bloggers for February, Jolene Tan and Joanna Whitehead!

I’ll let them introduce themselves. Jolene says:

My name is Jolene Tan. I’m a cis straight able-bodied feminist, of Singaporean nationality and Chinese ethnicity, living in London with two lionhead bunnies. I’m particularly interested in violence against women (I’m part of the core team for No To Rape, the campaign to end marital immunity for rape in Singapore) and the relationship between feminism and secularism, but I hope to write about a range of issues, with varying degrees of bile.

And Joanna says:

In the enduring words of Kim Deal, and contrary to popular belief, I just want to get along. I’m the kind of person who calls the council when a street light is out and likes Lindor eggs, riot grrrl and daily acts of subversion. I’m currently stuck in admin purgatory whilst I attempt to clear my monstrous backlog of debt and figure out what the hell I wants to do with my life. Answers on a postcard to the usual address.