Action alert!

In February the UK Gender and Development Network (GADN) launched its five point election manifesto (pdf), calling on all political parties, their leaders and their politicians and candidates to put women’s rights at the heart of their electioneering.

It has been endorsed by a really good mix of women’s and ‘mainstream’ organizations including the Women’s Resource Centre, the Fawcett Society, the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN), Amnesty International and ActionAid.*

After some great outreach by these organizations, Labour’s Global Poverty Promise has included the first call of the manifesto in its new poll on what should be included in Labour’s election manifesto.

Take action now and vote for the third option on the poll:

should there be one minister responsible for leading our work internationally in combating violence against women

*full disclosure: I work at ActionAid, used to work at Fawcett and was vice-chair of WEN.