UN Commission on the Status of Women

Am in New York blogging on the annual UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) with openDemocracy for the next week.

This year is slightly different to previous CSWs in that it is marking 15 years since the Beijing Platform for Action was declared.

Over the next two weeks, the proceedings will be reviewing two themes:

  • Review of the implementation of the Platform for Action and the outcomes of the 23rd special session of the General Assembly, with an emphasis on the sharing of experiences and good practices with a view to overcoming remaining obstacles and new challenges; and
  • Review of its contribution to shaping a gender perspective towards the full realization of the Millennium Development Goals.

Here are links to the first and second pieces I’ve done. There are pieces from many others too, including women who were at Beijing 15 years ago.

There’s over 7000 NGO delegates registered for the conference this year – a record I think. Let me know via the comments if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to find out or blog about and I’ll do my best. You can find out about the whole conference via this link, which includes the schedule of proceedings and background paperwork.