Campaign against Tory plans for marriage tax break heats up

DJMF.jpgDon’t Judge My Family is campaigning against Tory plans for a marriage tax break.

By profiling families which would be rejected by the Tory party as ineligible for their £5 a week tax break – and which ones would get the money, the campaign puts this ‘family values’ proposal into context, and shows how the Conservatives value some particular families over others. The campaign is also calling on those who would receive the tax break to pledge to give the money away to a range of charities, including Women’s Aid.

(Note, I haven’t been able to watch this myself, but according to Left Foot Foward it shows “Imogen, a young widow, whose husband died at the age of 39, and Sarah, a single mother looking after three children whose marriage broke down due to the pressure of caring for a very sick child. Actress Michelle Collins also appears.”)

Meanwhile, 70 widowers and widows have written to the Telegraph, to urge the Conservatives to abandon the plan:

Every year, 135,000 people are widowed, including 8,000 under the age of 50. The proposed policy would penalise widows at the time when they are most vulnerable. As well as the emotional turmoil, there are already huge financial costs to bereavement, and to take money away from people in these circumstances is financially and morally unjustifiable.

We are supporting the Don’t Judge my Family campaign, which highlights the potential consequences of this proposal, and recommending that public money should instead be spent to support children and families who need it most.

(Via Left Foot Forward).