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The F-Word’s long awaited redesign is finally upon us, and we need your help to make it happen!

Since Catherine set the site up in 2001, hundreds of feminists across the UK and beyond have contributed features, reviews and blog posts, and thousands more have read, commented and connected with other feminists from all around the country and the world. The F-Word now receives over 100,000 visitors a month, is on The Guardian’s Comment is Free blog roll and has been referenced in national and international media. It was my first introduction to feminism and I know I’m biased, but it really has had a profoundly positive effect on my life, and I’m not the only one.

The current design has served its purpose, but we think the site – and all its readers and contributors – really deserve better. So we’d like to invite you to donate time, money – or both! – to help us cover the costs of the redesign; £3,000 to be exact.

What will the redesign involve?

The redesign will freshen the site up to reflect and boost the quality of the content and its popularity. The F-Word is the most prominent online face of UK feminism and it would be nice if it looked the part! In addition to making the site more visually appealing, we also want to improve the layout and accessibility, make the features and reviews more prominent and make it easier for people to contribute.

How can I help?

All donations, no matter how small, will be hugely appreciated. Every donor will be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win a selection of feminist goodies!. Also, all donors will get their names listed as supporters (unless you wish to remain anonymous). You can donate:

  • Online, via PayPal using the button below (or click on our fundraising banner on the sidebar!), or directly from your account by sending payment to [email protected]
  • Via bank transfer or by cheque (please email our treasurer Lynne for details, at [email protected])
  • You can also buy one of Philippa’s fabulous feminist T-shirts, and she’ll donate £2 from every shirt to the redesign fund.

    If you’re one of those wonderful people who are good at fundraising, or if you’d like to give it a go, fantastic! You could take donations at feminist film nights, discos, gigs and dinner parties, sell cakes and crafty bits or get sponsored for doing just about anything. Lynne is official F-Word treasurer, so please contact her with any fundraising questions at [email protected].

    Thank you in advance for your support, and here’s to a shiny new F-Word!

    (The redesign is being carried out by Quilted)