Help women in ‘rape capital of the world’

RUNFORCONGOWOMENposter.jpgGuest post by Tenley Peterson

The crisis in DR Congo has raged for over 15 years, with citizens victimized by armed groups and their own military. This conflict has particularly affected women and girls as they are raped as a combat strategy to terrorise and humiliate. Tens-of-thousands of women and girls have experienced sexual violence – some raped whilst on the way to school, others while fetching water, and many are kept as sex slaves for soldiers. The situation is so extreme that Margot Wallström, the UN’s special representative on sexual violence in conflict, has recently called DR Congo the “rape capital of the world.”

Learning about this dire situation, women from around the world have come together to protect and support Congolese women. In 2006, Run for Congo was started to benefit Women for Women International’s Congo programmes. Since then over £420,000 has been raised internationally.

The global success of this event has brought the Run for Congo to London. Women (and men) can get involved by emailing [email protected]

The Run for Congo will kick off a week-long advocacy campaign for Congolese women. If you’d like more information about the run or supporting Women for Women International, please email [email protected]


Event: 10K Run for Congo to benefit Women for Women International

Where: Regents Park

Date: Saturday, 3 July

Time: 8:30am registration

Cost: £10 and sponsorships (target £150+)