New feature – Women in punk: the disappearing years

What happened to the women of 1970s British punk once the 1980s dawned? Cazz Blase continues her series

This is part four in a series of features writing women back into the history of British punk. Click here to read:

Part one

Part two

Part three

Into the 1980s: an introduction

We are in the middle of the rehabilitation of the 1980s. A haze of nostalgia has wafted in like cigarette smoke these past five years or so, reducing a complex and contradictory period to the ‘decade of excess’, defined by yuppies, power dressing, new romantic synth pop and Gordon Gecko’s cry of “greed is good”. Unsurprisingly, women of punk do not subscribe to this vision of the 1980s, and it certainly didn’t reflect their own experiences.

Where did the punk women I spoke to earlier in this series go after punk? How did they experience the post punk era? How did they react when punk died?

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