August comments and review comments, for your perusal

Features and reviews comments received in the summery rainy month of August* are up now and ready for your reading pleasure.

We were overwhelmed with responses to Hannah’s cystitis feature, particularly with women reporting similar experiences and frustration with the medical system. Perhaps this should not be as surprising, given this recent research out of the US showing that across the pond women are often not prescribed strong enough pain medication, while African American patients in chronic pain receive less medication than white patients.

From the archives, this feature from 2007 contrasting stereotypes of ‘yummy mummy’ and ‘pramface’ received an interesting comment. Louise says:

The young women I work with are responsible, ambitious, caring and driven. ‘Pramface’ dehumanises these young women and homogenises them into a classist stereotype.

Read all the comments here.

Massive thanks once again to Helen G, who codes and compiles our ‘letters to the editor’ style round-up of feature and review comments.

*Well, that’s what it was like here in London, anyway!

Image of a wood type ‘F’ shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license, by Leo Reynolds. It was taken at the John Jarrold Printing Museum in Norfolk.