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(With apologies to regular readers, who will recognise this post from November! Of course, if you prefer not to shop at Amazon, we’d urge you to support your local independent bookshop instead.)

If you are planning on buying presents via Amazon this month, why not consider supporting The F Word at the same time!

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Here are some present ideas for you:

One of the recent UK books on feminism (yes, one of these is my own, ahem!)?

A critically acclaimed graphic novel or comic?

How about some stocking fillers for that feminist in your life?

If you’re feeling feminist AND festive, why not check this out? (Ok I have absolutely no idea if this is any good but the whole concept amused me):

Title: “Feminist Sacred Songs for Christmas Carols for the Twenty First Century: Celebrate the Mystery of the Intimate Presence of God”

And in the interests of balance of course:

Title: “Atheist’s Guide to Christmas”

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