Wikileaks reveals how irrelevant women’s rights are to US diplomacy?

wikileakslogo.jpgA selective survey of the diplomatic cables made public by Wikileaks found that women’s rights are not mentioned.

Women’s eNews commissioned a reporter to read through about 200 cables from 40 countries – only a small sample, but the conclusion so far suggests “the irrelevance of women’s rights to the real business of US state craft”. Says the reporter:

I found nothing about poverty and women, reproductive rights, etc.

Rather than taking this selective sampling approach, I did a couple of simple word searches of the first batch of cables which was released (“women”, “women’s rights”, etc), and I did come up with a few examples. The count wasn’t exactly nil. But I think the general gist of the Women’s eNews criticism does hold water; the cables certainly don’t suggest that women’s rights are much of a priority for US diplomats.

Plenty of feminist attention has been applied to the Wikileaks, but so far this has mostly centred on the rape charges Julian Assange faces in Sweden.

It’s interesting to see some beginnings of efforts to analyse of the content of the leaks as well as Assange and the attempts to shut down the information flow.