New review: Cookie Party! (Death of the Elephant, Stella Zine and Ste McCabe)

Hayley Foster da Silva reviews an evening inspired by riot grrrl and feminist-friendly electro punk

When I saw that Death of the Elephant, Stella Zine and Ste McCabe were playing on 4 November at the Bar House in Chelmsford, I knew I had to somehow get there. It was in my home county of Essex but a bit further out from where I live in Southend-on-Sea.

It was about a half hour drive to the venue, and when we got there they were still sound checking as they were running a bit late. But as we made ourselves comfortable, we could already hear that this was going to be a gig to remember as both Stella Zine and Ste McCabe were seriously rocking out with their guitars, and the sound in the venue was fantastic.

I was a little worried that there weren’t too many people there, as Dee, lead singer of Death of the Elephant organised the gig and I am a massive fan of theirs, so of course I wanted her to do well, as well as it just being too awesome a line-up to miss! But by the time the gig was ready to get started, there was a nice mixed crowd of people, men and women.

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