Women’s words – on politics

Call for contributions from The Centre for Women and Democracy:

March 2011 sees the centenary of the celebration of International Women’s Day, and to celebrate it we’re planning to publish an online collection of quotations from women involved in or commenting on politics or political activity or events. We’re currently over half way towards our target of 500 – we think we’ve got all of the best-known ones, but we’re still searching for quotes from women politicians generally.

Look at any volume of political quotations and you will see that (apart from Margaret Thatcher, Nancy Astor, and a few stray comments from others) women are almost entirely absent, and many of those that there are are from the US rather than the UK. All help with reaching our target would be gratefully received!

A small selection of what we have already is on the quotations page of our website.

Although we will be publishing the collection online, we would also like to produce a small book. If you know anyone who would be prepared to help fund this, please let us know also.

Have checked and they are also keen to have quotes *about* women in/and politics so do email them with your thoughts.