Calling all runners!

Sarah Haynes from Women for Women International urges readers to Run for Congo Women


Runners raise almost £56,000 for women in DRC

In 2010, we officially launched Run for Congo Women in the UK, with the aim of raising awareness of the conflict in Congo. Funds raised on the runs go directly to running Women for Women International’s programs there. In only two events, our amazing supporters managed to raise an incredible £55,700 – this year is going to be bigger and better.

Our next 10K run is 3 April in Regents Park and all levels of ability are encouraged to put their running shoes on and join us in support of the women in Congo. Watch a short clip about women in Congo and the Run for Congo Women campaign here.

Why Run for Congo Women?

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) presents one of the world’s deadliest emergencies to date. More than 5.4 million people have died since 1998. The death toll is the equivalent to an Asian Tsunami every 6.5 months; a 11 September every 2.5 days.

This conflict has particularly affected women and girls as they are systematically raped as a combat strategy to terrorise and humiliate. Tens of thousands of women and girls have experienced sexual violence – some raped on the way to school, others while fetching water and many are kept as sex slaves for soldiers.

Christine Karumba, Women for Women International DRC country director, says:

Peace and development go hand-in-hand. The pre-conditions for moving from instability to development are the establishment of peace, the reform of security institutions, including the army and improved good governance at all levels. Equal consideration needs to be given to the concerns of women and men in these processes.

Women for Women International has been working in DRC since 2003 helping women survivors of war. We offer skills training, trauma counselling, microcredit loans. Our programmes make a huge difference in helping women earn an income, support their families and help rebuild their societies. Indeed, women who have participated in WfWI programmes on average earn 50% more than women who have not and are three times as likely to vote and participate in community activities.

One woman can change anything, but many women can change everything. Join Run for Congo today! To register email me at [email protected]