Naming and shaming

Fat, Ugly or Slutty has a simple premise: it is a collection of the creepy, weird messages that (mostly) female video game players are sent by (mostly) men online.

The three women behind the site stress that the emphasis is on laughing at the perpetrators (laughter is a great tool to deflate this stuff, but obviously I can’t help pointing out that these contribute to an unacceptable atmosphere of hostility).

Some players like to send creepy, disturbing, insulting, degrading and/or just plain rude messages to other online players, usually women.

We think this is funny.

Why do they send them? There are a few theories. But instead of getting offended, we offer a method for people to share these messages and laugh together.

If having these messages posted online makes someone think twice about writing and sending a detailed description of their genitals, great!

And if not? We’ll all have another submission to laugh at. Feel free to send us your own at [email protected].

The site only features screenshots, and the sender’s ID is included for full public shaming effect. For example, one submitter says this was “sent before and after a Halo Swat Matchmaking match…but we were on the same team?”


Via @JenJenRobot