New feature: Breaking the silence around miscarriage

Miscarriage is bad enough, without worrying about losing your job, says Emelyn Thomas

A silent miscarriage is when a pregnancy is lost with no symptoms at all and the miscarriage is only diagnosed by the absence of the fetal heart when the mother is given an ultrasound scan. But there is another silence surrounding miscarriage that stems from taboo. In the interest of breaking this silence, this is my story.


Picture from a Japanese temple at Kamakura. Each statue has been placed by a woman who had an abortion or miscarriage, as an offering or prayer

It was just after New Year 2010 that I finally got my much wanted positive pregnancy test. We had been trying for almost a year and were both overjoyed. Unfortunately, the joy was to last only a few weeks. I now know that this is something that many women will go through, and yet it is still rarely spoken about.

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