Weekly Round-Up, 8 -14 February 2011

Here’s this weeks list of stories we’ve not had chance to blog about at length. As always, if there’s anything you think we’ve missed, feel free to share the wealth in the comments.

Political Dynamite: Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly of the WSF

Hidden in the Open: A Photographic Essay of Afro American Male Couples

renieddolodge: on things we are not allowed to say

The women of Tahrir Square (NDTV)

Hay Ladies! I used to be a pro-life Republican

Jobless rate for young women doubles as council cuts start to bite

GOP Still Has Not Removed Awful “Forcible Rape” Language From Anti-Choice Bill

Malawi Enacts Criminalisation of Sex Between Two Women (African Activist)

My legal hero: Dr Ivy Williams

Single ladies in fiction

Women’s Income Network

Alice Walker’s birthday and film on Facebook

Spinster aunt gets translucent

Dear Feminists, You’re Doing it Right

Radical Feminism, what it is and why we’re afraid of it – Jonathan Dean, Cif

Rants of a Gamer Girl: Welcome to Titty City

Should you shave your legs?

Sheffield City Council consulting on introducing a Sexual Entertainment Venues Policy

Why fat gypsy weddings are a feminist issue

The spinning childbirth table that never really caught on…

Survey for mothers

Patty Schemel documentary seeks funding

Georgia State Lawmaker Seeks to Redefine Rape Victims as ‘Accusers’

Anti-Feminist Troll Bingo

People of Color Organize! A short course in indigenous feminism

City research on broadcast sexism starts

Black Feminists: Let us talk about racism when discussing identity, belonging and multiculturalism

In China, alpha males carry designer purses

Have a good week!