New review: His & Hers

Interviews with 70 women tell the life story of white, Irish, heterosexual women, through their relationships with men. Katherine Wootton has more

His & Hers is a ‘creative documentary’ that uses interviews with 70 women to create a kind of choral metanarrative, their many voices brought together in one affecting personal and confessional monologue, which tells the story of a woman’s life.

The interviews are, strictly speaking, documentary, but Ken Wardrop’s directorial choices, the actions he shows the women doing, and visual style, the careful construction of the static shots, portrayal of the environment and his deliberately structured editing, make this a much more artistic piece than the usual observational documentary.

Wardrop is clearly inspired by and deeply respects these women, the film is beautifully shot and feels incredibly honest and intimate, yet overall it is most clearly Wardrop’s authorial voice that controls the narrative.

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