Call for Papers: Transgendered Feminism

Via the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania:

Transgendered Feminism

full name / name of organization:

MP an online feminist jourmal

contact email:

[email protected]

MP: Transgendered (Fall issue) – Deadline August 31, 2011

Can there be a multi-gendered feminism? MP journal seeks submissions that explore the many facets of transgendered feminism. How do transgendered people experience, embrace, reject, or practice feminism? What is the role of feminism within queer studies? What is the role of feminism for those who occupy the interstice between male and female? Is gender performance feminist? MP Journal welcomes academic papers, book reviews, and other well-written inquiries on the subject of transgendered feminisms. International submissions are encouraged.

Submissions may be in any accepted academic format such as MLA, APA, Legal Bluebook, Chicago Style but must be consistent throughout and thoroughly and carefully edited. Please send the submission, a 50 word bio, and a CV before midnight August 31, 2011 to [email protected]

cfp categories:

  • african-american
  • american
  • cultural_studies_and_historical_approaches
  • ecocriticism_and_environmental_studies
  • eighteenth_century
  • ethnicity_and_national_identity
  • film_and_television
  • gender_studies_and_sexuality
  • interdisciplinary
  • journals_and_collections_of_essays
  • modernist studies
  • popular_culture
  • postcolonial
  • romantic
  • science_and_culture
  • theory
  • twentieth_century_and_beyond


Thanks to Richard Köhler at TGEU for passing this message on.


Trans feminism logo made by Helen G from images found at Wikipedia (here and here). Both original images are public domain and so is this. If using elsewhere, please ensure correct attribution.


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