Comments on features and reviews – February and March 2011


What did readers have to say about our features and reviews in the last two months? You just need to click here to find out.

Popular topics: Kitty’s musings on gender and language: do we speak differently, and if so why? The theories are just as telling, if not more, than evidence of differing speech.

Michelle’s piece on equal pay also drew some really interesting responses, particularly about how to find comparative jobs.

From the archives this month: A question of (sexism) in sport, Natalie’s analysis of the coverage of women’s sport vs men’s sport in the newspapers.

Thanks as usual to Helen G for coding the comments, and apologies for how long it’s taken for me to get them up – ahem – explaining why there are two months’ worth of commenting combined here.

I couldn’t resist this photo of the gorgeous spring weather we’ve been having in London, taken by meltingman and shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license