Iman al-Obeidi: released but under threat

According to the Guardian, CNN have spoken to a woman they believe to be Iman al-Obeidi, who reports that she has been released from detention but continues to receive death threats:

The CNN interviewer Anderson Cooper said the network was satisfied the woman he spoke to via telephone was the 29-year-old lawyer after days of research and from the testimony of several people who had talked with her at the hotel. She spoke in Arabic through a female translator, but was not shown on camera.

Her story was consistent with the account Obeidi gave at the hotel. She told CNN: “There is no safe place for me in Tripoli. All my phones are monitored, even this phone I am speaking on right now is monitored. And I am monitored. Yesterday I was kidnapped by a car and they beat me in the street, then brought me here after I was dragged around. Yes, yes, I want to leave Tripoli. In the middle of the night I get nightmares, and I feel threats 24 hours a day. They are constantly threatening me with death.”

The woman said after the uproar at the Rixos, Gaddafi’s militamen gave her clean clothes and took her to a Libyan TV station to have her broadcast a recantation of her story, but she refused to do so.

“The TV station has no credibility and I was fearing the consequences,” she told CNN. “Behind the camera, I was facing 15 Kalashnikovs.”

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