Bristol anarcha-feminist group


I had a lovely afternoon at the Bristol Anarchist Book Fair. I met some great people and have a lovely time. I met this new group called “Bristol anarcha-feminist group” that started about a year ago. They ran an excellent session on Anarchist Feminism. They had five questions and divided up the room into five groups to discuss the questions.

1. What do we gain from having a feminist perspective on EVERYTHING – not just gender issues? What does this look like?

2. What does feminist action look like? What can men do to help the cause and confront patriarchy?

3. What are the ways that capitalism depends upon and feeds off patriarchy?

4. how is patriarchy bad for men too? How is this different from how it’s bad for women?

5. Resistance – especially ‘militant’ resistance – is often seen as masculine. What could a non masculine expression of resistance look like?

I was in group number 5 and looked predominately on question 5. It was a heavy question but we decided to break down the question if we saw ‘militant resistance’ as masculine? We found it difficult as we didn’t want to link force with masculinity, as it would predominately mean that feminine would automatically mean passive. However, we did acknowledge there were some types of militant resistance that displayed macho characteristics. We didn’t have time to answer the question but I thought the group was lovely and the level of debate surprisingly strong.

The Bristol anarcha-feminist group meets every Wednesday at 8pm at the Smiling Chair (40 Stokes Croft).

Good job ladies on a session well run!