New Review – Granta 115: The F Word

Despite being The F-Word’s namesake, Iman Qureshi argues that Granta 115: The F Word misses the mark


A sprig of wit, a dash of bile and a hearty glug of good old-fashioned girl power, you would think is not a difficult recipe to follow. And it certainly makes for a killer cocktail. So when I heard about Granta’s foray into the world of feminism, I could not have had higher hopes.

Pouncing gleefully on the opportunity to review The F-Word’s very own namesake, Granta 115: The F Word, I fully expected to open the covers and unleash a whole new wave of feminism. I expected to be shown things I’d never considered before, introduced to characters completely unfamiliar to me. I expected to be shocked, shaken and challenged to the core. In retrospect, I probably expected too much.

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