Mailing Lists and Forums



A well-moderated, feminist-friendly online community, open to discussion on all subjects.

Birmingham Fems


This group is for members and potential members of Birmingham Feminists to discuss feminist issues, campaigns and actions in a safe space.

Feminist Coalition Against Prostitution


This is a group for activists to campaign against prostitution, and for and with prostitute women & survivors of the industry, from aperspective of gender-based violence, and to promote awareness and understanding of the Swedish model.

Grrrl Zine Network


This grrrl zine network list provides announcements, queries, and resources on grrrl, lady and transfolk zines and distros from all over the world. A forum for people interested in talking about zines, feminism and the international network.

London 3rd Wave


A group of young women interested in feminism who meet regularly in London to network, discuss issues of interest, and offer support and friendship. This mailing list is to enable members to get to arrange meetings and to get in touch more easily.

London Feminist Network group


This women-only group aims to bring together Feminist individuals and groups working on women’s liberation in London, UK.

Mothers For Women’s Lib


A forum for feminist parents, set up as a sister site to the blog Mothers For Women’s Lib.

Newcastle Feminists Unite


NFU is a group centred in the United Kingdom providing a base for North East feminists to discuss gender issues, announce local action, converse with like-minded Geordies and have fun. The group is designed specifically for people living in Newcastle, Sunderland, Gateshead and Midlesborough – male and female – young and old.

OBJECT Activist discussion group


The OBJECT Activist group welcomes women and men of all ages, ethnicities, abilities and sexualities who agree with the aims of OBJECT as an organization.



This group serves as a radical feminist network to facilitate discussion of ideas, sharing news and networking.

Thinking Women


A discussion and networking group promoting the achievements and progression of women in society, politics and the workplace. It is open to all women who want to make an impact in their working lives and beyond, through sharing knowledge and ideas.

UK Zine Network


UK Zine Network was established by the zine distro Fingerbang to support the production, distribution and academic discussion of zines.