New Review – Generation Indigo by Poly Styrene

Cazz Blase reviews Poly Styrene’s final work, an angry album with socially biting lyrics but an overall optimistic theme

It is painfully hard to set aside the fact that Poly Styrene died not long after the release of Generation Indigo on Future Noise. This last album not only should have signalled the triumphant return of one of punk’s most singular talents. It is fresh, uplifting, sharp and musically innovative in its approach.

Prior to forming X Ray Spex in 1977, Poly had a brief go at being a pop star when she released the single ‘Silly Billy’ under her real name Marion Elliot. She first saw the Sex Pistols on her 19th birthday, then went on to place an ad for “Young punx who want to stick it together” in Melody Maker. She effectively stopped singing for the duration, becoming an ‘anti-singer’ instead.

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