How will NHS reforms affect abortion access?

prowomanprochildprochoice.jpgThe Guardian’s NHS reform live blog is focusing on abortion all day today – particular how the reforms will affect women’s access to abortion.

It’s good to see this discussion going on: given the attacks on abortion from the right, we have to be looking out for not just how the right to abortion fares, but also access to abortion on the ground.

The Guardian is also looking for women to write in with their experience of abortion and GPs, in particular.

Here’s the schedule:

9.00am: How will the NHS reforms affect women’s access to abortion? Today’s blog will focus on this issue with an excellent line up. We’re still confirming some speakers, but here’s our rough plan:

10am: we’ll be posting an audio interview with veteran campaigner Wendy Savage, a gynaecologist who advocates for women’s rights in childbirth and fertility.

Throughout the day: We’ll be publishing testimonies of women’s experiences with GPs and abortions. Please do send us your thoughts/reflections: [email protected]

1pm – 2pm: we’ll be hosting an online Q&A with Darinka Aleksic, head of campaigns for Abortion Rights as well as a member of Pro Life Alliance and a GP with first hand experience of working with women facing these issues.

4pm – 5pm: Tammie Downes, GP from West Cornwall who was championed by the Daily Mail for preventing abortions and challenged by the General Medical Council for her conduct, will be online to answer your questions. She should be appearing alongside a representative of the Catholic Church, an MP and a member of Education for Choice.

Readers should also know that we have asked Conservative MP Nadine Dorries and Frank Field to participate, but so far we’ve had no joy.

Photo by Steve Rhodes, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license