Out of Libya

Map of LibyaThe Guardian reports on Iman al-Obeidi’s escape to Tunisia:

Obeidi, who drew worldwide attention when she burst into a Tripoli hotel to describe to foreign journalists her alleged ordeal at the hands of 15 men, has been given refuge in Tunis by western officials.

Obeidi told CNN she had entered Tunisia with a refugee document and was considering her next move. She claimed her court case against the soldiers – who she said had seized her at a checkpoint near Tripoli – had barely progressed.

After passing numerous checkpoints disguised in a veil that hid her face except one eye, Obeidi passed the Dehebi crossing on Thursday without trouble. Obeidi’s story of being brutalised by 15 drunken men over two days – some of whom she claims were close to Gaddafi’s inner circle – has become a rallying call for revolution.

Al-Jazeera subsequently reported that she has travelled to Qatar.

Image courtesy of jeffmcneill, shared under a Creative Commons license