Go Feminist on 4 February


A date to scribble down in your diaries right away: 4 February, 2012.

What will be happening? Go Feminist, a brand new conference which is brought to you by some of the organisers of Feminism in London 2010.

The conference programme has not been finalised yet (it is in February next year, after all!), but I’m encouraged by the emphasis on inclusion and intersectionality, from the conference about us page:

Why inclusion is important to us

Go Feminist recognises that we live in a world of interlocking hierarchies and oppressions. It is part of our feminist mission to dismantle this. As a result we seek to actively work to combat:

– Ableism

– Ageism

– Class privilege

– Heteronormativity and homophobia

– Rascim

– Sexism

– Transphobia

And all other forms of discrimination and prejudice.

You can also follow them on Twitter @gofeminist.