New feature: Teenagers exposed

15-year-old C. Robinson looks at the causes and ramifications of a culture where teenage girls are encouraged to bare all

“Dress Less to Impress” is the advertising slogan for a women’s underwear brand named Sapph Lingerie. One of their posters features a semi dressed and probably airbrushed model with a fully dressed man standing behind her. Over 100 years of the struggle for women’s rights and empowerment, and nudity is what is held up and revered by our culture as the best way to impress men and other women.

Trashy Lingerie.jpgSome would say that this is an overreaction or that it’s a limited side effect of what may be seen as the free society we live in today. I would be the first to stand up for a woman’s right to choose and be in control of her body, but we have to consider why so many girls desire to wear so few clothes.

I asked one of my friends at school whether girls have a choice about the clothes they wear. I was told not to be ridiculous and that one of the biggest achievements of our society is the great amount of choice we have. They argued that girls have a choice about what they do, what they wear, and who they choose to identify with – Kim Kardashian and Katie Price are not the only role models out there. Despite claiming this, no one was able to give me an example of a woman who is not a singer, model or actress.

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