Weekly round-up and open thread

jigsaw.jpgPicture of two jigsaw pieces shared under a Creative Commons license, courtesy of Squirmelia.

Morning everyone. Here’s this week’s link round-up and open thread. As usual, linking shouldn’t be taken to mean endorsement by anyone; some links may be distressing; and please let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed.

Lots of news this week!

  • ‘Pan Am’ Stars Christina Ricci and Margot Robbie on Girdles and Female Empowerment (AOL TV)
  • Diet Songs: Ryvita (Obesity Timebomb)
  • Teen fiction accused of being “rife with depravity” (Guardian)
  • In defence of nekkid pictures, even of dudes (Pandagon)
  • Surge in the number of women apprentices (Guardian)
  • The Silencing Crime: Sexual violence and journalists (Committee to Protect Journalists)
  • The Shape of a Mother
  • Study links empathy, self-esteem and autonomy with increased sexual enjoyment (Johns Hopkins Bloomburg School of Public Health)
  • Competition to find the best pulp fiction written by women (For Books’ Sake)
  • Marching with the Slutwalkers (Guardian)
  • Women of outstanding achievement awards 2011 – in pictures (Guardian)
  • New Humanist report on the Dorries meeting
  • Too young to wed: The secret world of child brides (National Geographic)
  • Are Slutwalks the Future of Feminism? (MSNBC)
  • ‘Breastaurants’ Ring Up Big Profits (Entrepreneur)
  • Vegan Striptease: The art of ethical undressing (Zahra Stardust)
  • The DSK Rape Victim is Everything but a Victim, According to the Media (Muslimah Media Watch)
  • School surveillance: how big brother spies on pupils (Guardian)
  • ‘Human Barbie’ buys 7 year old daughter boob job for birthday (Metro)
  • Choosing to fight (A place to write)
  • Universal Credit and Gender Equality (UK Women’s Budget Group) (pdf)
  • DSK scandal may spur protections for hotel workers (Ms)
  • Tory MP arrested on suspicion of sexual assault (Guardian)
  • Kathleen Hanna Looks Back on Le Tigre, Praises Lady Gaga’s Gay Pride, Dismisses ‘Boring’ Odd Future (Spinner)
  • Why rebooting Batgirl is a terrible idea (Thagomizer)
  • Flowchart: Is It OK to Tweet That ‘Dick Pic’? (Good/Culture)
  • Rebecca Watson talks on sexism in the atheist community (YouTube)
  • Reclaiming the ‘before’ body (Sociological Images)
  • Welfare cuts ‘will leave domestic violence victims at risk’ (Guardian)
  • New evidence about Amina, the “Gay Girl in Damascus” hoax (Electronic Intifada)
  • Syrian lesbian blogger is revealed conclusively to be a married man (Guardian)
  • Links on the successful passage of the ILO Convention on Domestic Workers: here, here, here and here.