New review: Biophilia

Ruth Rosselson attends the world premiere of Björk’s live show, one of several performances at Campfield Market Hall that are her first UK dates in over three years


The first time I saw Björk was back in the very early days of her band, The Sugarcubes. Birthday had just been released for the second time and there was a buzz around the group and about Björk’s amazing voice. I had gone to the gig alone because none of my friends had heard of her. I remember being totally absorbed by the performance, transfixed and enthralled by Björk’s voice and excited about the original music The Sugarcubes were producing.

I only managed to see The Sugarcubes one more time after that and had never seen Björk as a solo performer. So when the opportunity came up to buy tickets for her new show, Biophilia, as part of the Manchester International Festival, running from 30 June to 17 July, I was on the phone and internet first thing, determined to secure tickets. The reviews and tweets from the first night were ecstatic, only increasing my anticipation and excitement about seeing her.

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