New review: Break my fall

For those who can appreciate an at times painful study of relationship falling apart set in contemporary Hackney, the latest Harry Potter will be no competitor for Kanchi Wichmann’s Break My Fall, suggests Selina Robertson

London filmmaker Kanchi Wichmann’s courageous debut feature, Break My Fall, tells the story of the last three days of a spent relationship. 20-something couple Liza (Kat Redstone) and Sally’s (Sophie Anderson) life together is on the rocks and, even though they both know it, they choose to look elsewhere and avoid the inevitable.

Break My Fall - Cast Shot.jpg

“Elsewhere” means that Liza spends more time at music college and commits herself to keeping Blanket, her and Sally’s band, intact. Whilst Liza is away, after a particularly heavy night of partying, Sally decides to take her friendship with her best friend, a straight rent boy Vin (Kai Brandon Ly), to a more intimate level. At the same time Liza’s friend Jamie (Collin Clay Chace) does everything he can to keep things spiraling out of control for his friend, all the while dreaming of leaving his dead-end cabaret bar job and settling down with a nice man.

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